Our leadership team’s collective experience in providing care to patients, working with and leading some of the largest complex revenue cycle organizations in the country. Providing for our partner organizations to experience the highest level of experienced and qualified leaders in this space without geographic boundaries, we will achieve the goals as required. Our highly integrated and respected team members perform as interchangeable and supportive to our clients mission and requirements. Each member of our executive team has been in your position at one point in their career and brings that personalization to your/our goals. This team was at the beginning of the company’s build and formation and takes great pride and ownership in all things ACCDS.

Coding & Quality Assurance

Every interaction our team has with providers is a stepping stone to strengthening their foundation in understanding the need for excellent and accurate documentation. Our approach to securing appropriate revenue reflects the fundamental tenets of coding while supporting each patient’s true clinical picture. Empowering providers with the necessary translational ‘language of coding’ allows our clients to get credit for the complexity of care their patients require.

Bringham Strelow

Bringham Strelow, MD

VP of Revenue Integrity

Business Intelligence & Technology

Our information technology team works directly with the client’s technical team to ensure HIPAA compliance, integration, and analytical timeliness and accuracy. This team has years of experience working with electronic medical record, mainframe billing, claims adjudication, and various other add-on systems a client may have.

Glenn Dixon

Glenn Dixon

Head of Technology

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