In today’s complex healthcare environment and lack of IT integration, hospital systems are ever challenged in utilizing the wealth of data produced on a daily basis. ACCDS has developed business intelligence tools and algorithms which bridge this gap to ensure sound medical decision making and appropriate reimbursement.


  • Predictive modeling

  • On-demand analytics and reporting

  • Interactive Visualizations and Dashboards

  • Consolidation of internal and external data sources

  • Identify Gaps in documentation rapidly and accurately

  • Provide physicians full access to historical data

  • Establish accurate MS-DRG and APR-DRG assignments

  • Ensure Case Mix Index reflects care and services provided

  • Reduce claim denials


At ACCDS, we have a passionate group of developers with a strong focus on innovation and creativity. They work together to help tackle the complex healthcare environment, focused on IT integration and analytics, to provide actionable insight to the wealth of data produced on a daily basis. ACCDS has developed business intelligence tools, standardized data warehousing, and proprietary algorithms. ACCDS allows you to gain greater visibility into the clinically driven revenue cycle and its ease of use empowers non-technical users to succeed and ensure sound decision making.

Business Intelligence & Technology Team

Our information technology team works directly with the client’s technical team to ensure HIPAA compliance, integration, and analytical timeliness and accuracy. This team has years of experience working with electronic medical record, mainframe billing, claims adjudication, and various other add-on systems a client may have.

Glenn Dixon

Glenn Dixon

Head of Technology

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